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Artist's Gallery
Smoked Vessel
($800, Sold)
Raku, 15x9 (diam)
($600, Sold)
($500, Sold)
Salt Fired, Pot
($1,100 Sold)


Fall 2007 Show
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"Desires Burning"
Oct -Nov, 2007
The Tom Balbo Gallery

I began using paper as an artistic medium in 1979 and have found it an almost unlimited source of inspiration and potential, both in its The artist in his gallery on Buckeye Road in Cleveland... physical capabilities and visual qualities. The use of found objects for textural translations is intended to allude to the real and create illusions of reality. The spatial relationship between the two-dimensional quality of surface, the use of color to flatten or expand figure to ground , and the actual three-dimensional aspect of cast paper all work to create an object that stands by itself. It comes out of both a painting and sculptural tradition. These works are abstractions in a formal language and make a process, spontaneity, and gesture. They are intended to create questions in the viewer as to how we perceive space by juxtaposing the actual with the referential, texture with or without the colorful, and scale enhanced or defined with details.I hope you'll feel free to call me about my work, to write me email, or to visit one of my upcoming shows or exhibitions.

Vibrant colors characterize much of my work.

I often use familiar forms and shapes.

In my Maps Series, I tried to use my technical expertise to create a new and interesting perspective on an old subject.

I frequently try to imbue my work with rich dimensional qualities.

My work is featured at a number of American galleries, including DeGraaf Fine Art in Florida and Michigan.

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