Thomas Ervin Balbo - Awards

Tom's work has received substantial critical attention and acclaim, and he has received several awards and prizes. Some of these are listed below.

Best of Show:               Best of Show-             1996 Ohio Craft Museum

First Prize:                   Mixed Media-             1981 Boston Mills Art Show

                                     Graphics -                   1979 Central New York Art Show

                                     Graphics -                   1978 Kenneth Beck Jured Show

                                     Crafts -                        1977 P.A.A.C. Jured Show

 Purchase Award:        Baycrafters 17th Annual Art Show

 Third Prize:                 Graphics - 1977 Kenneth Beck Jured Show

 Honorable Mention:     Painting - 1986 May Show, Cleveland Museum of Art

                                       Painting - 1984 May Show, Cleveland Museum of Art

 Jurors Mention:            1979 Boston Mills Art Festival

                                       1977 Jewish Community Jured Art Show

 Award of Merit:             1982 Miami Beach Festival of the Arts